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New trends

In Chicago there are more than a few very talented event planners to choose from, so I am pleased to say that I have been hired to plan more than my share of extravagant bar/bat mitzvahs by many a discriminating client. The following is just a small sample of my ideas I’ve implemented in just the last 6 months.

The typical Bar/Bat client is between twelve and fourteen years old. Amazingly, these teens are pretty sophisticated in their tastes and have attended 2-3 Bat/Bar events per month during the season. So, it is imperative that we, the event planners, stay on our toes and keep up with the latest and greatest in order to continue wowing the clients, guests, and build repeat business. Once, my favorite designer of all time, Preston Bailey, said, “Transformation is the key to success” and he was absolutely right. I make sure to keep a tight watch on the latest trends and innovations, including Special Events Magazine, Biz Bash, etc. Continue reading

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Savvy Events or Savvy Brides?

In 2010, I noticed a new trend emerging in our industry. Many people, having fallen on hard times, consequently began limiting their spending, and understandably so. Luxuries were cut down to a minimum and many of my clients became much more strict with their budgets. I also learned firsthand of many of the complications and difficulties couples face when I became the Orchestration Chairperson for the nonprofit organization, Committed to helping couples that have experienced heartbreaking personal challenges plan a wedding to remember, I have found new ways to plan dream weddings in even the most difficult of situations. And all couples, no matter the budgeting woes or difficulties faced, still share one thing in common: a wish to bring their vision of the perfect celebration of love to life. Continue reading

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27 tips and suggestions on your Wedding menu

In the last 5 to 8 years I have definitely noticed huge changes in the food and bar menus being served at weddings. Most people start “feasting with their eyes” first, which means presentation of the food and drink has become extremely important. It is why even after 27+ years of planning I subscribe to most catering, liquor, wine and gourmet food magazines, attend every Restaurant and Fancy food show and consistently check many of the 100 best restaurants in USA web sites every year. Self-education remains vital in this industry. Continue reading

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Every Special Occasion Calls for a Special Event

Surprisingly, the media focus today is on weddings exclusively. So many reality shows center on the occasion. Obviously, weddings are beautiful, and every bride takes my breath away as beautiful, happy and luminescent as she is on her wedding day! But, there are so many other reasons to plan an event. In fact, there are far too many special occasions worth celebrating to focus on just one. For the last twenty-seven years I have created innumerable special events, both personal as well as corporate. The truth is there is no shortage of varying occasions for which to plan a special event; plenty of them requiring no less of a budget.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah

One of the most popular event planning occasions is the teenage milestone: Bar/Bat Mitzvah. For those unfamiliar with the occasion, it is the rite of passage from early adolescence to Jewish adulthood where a Rabbi ceremoniously “confirms” a child into adulthood followed by a celebratory reception. The name is composed of two Hebrew words. The first word, Bar/Bat literally translates to son/daughter. Therefore, the event name will depend on its participant; a boy would have a Bar Mitzvah, while a girl would celebrate a Bat Mitzvah. The celebration is great fun, especially for the young adults. The second word is Mitzvah which in literal translation means commandment, though the Hebrew word has a much broader meaning. The connotation suggests the elation of doing something for the sake of others and tradition. Continue reading

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