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New trends

In Chicago there are more than a few very talented event planners to choose from, so I am pleased to say that I have been hired to plan more than my share of extravagant bar/bat mitzvahs by many a discriminating client. The following is just a small sample of my ideas I’ve implemented in just the last 6 months.

The typical Bar/Bat client is between twelve and fourteen years old. Amazingly, these teens are pretty sophisticated in their tastes and have attended 2-3 Bat/Bar events per month during the season. So, it is imperative that we, the event planners, stay on our toes and keep up with the latest and greatest in order to continue wowing the clients, guests, and build repeat business. Once, my favorite designer of all time, Preston Bailey, said, “Transformation is the key to success” and he was absolutely right. I make sure to keep a tight watch on the latest trends and innovations, including Special Events Magazine, Biz Bash, etc.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah party trends-what makes the event a cut above:

Using a variety of table shapes rather than the standard round and configuring them in unique and high design arrangements keeps the venue looking fresh and exciting. Linens are also key in creating rich color and texture to the event.

Incorporate the latest in A/V technology to wow and impress. For example, instead of a regular screen, use large 7mm or 15mm LED panels for visual entertainment during the entire night; and visual effects are stunningly displayed on a 9’x16’ HD screen for music videos, clips, messages and pictures.

Depending on the budget, it’s extremely trendy to hire high-end performers or recording artists-R & B, hip hop, and rappers are especially in demand.

Wild Fire (black light) show with a twist: glow in the dark make-up, masked under regular face painting that once the black lights blast everyone glows. Also, glow paints in water with flowers are a big hit.

Uplighting, color wash, etc. is extremely important-change the ambiance in the room 1-2 times during the event and the guests will love it.

The food and presentation is keystone to a successful event: the guests will remember the first thing they see on the plate as they sit down, so have an amuse-bouche ready and waiting with glam decorations. Dessert is especially important since practically everyone loves a delicious treat. Dessert should be nothing less than fantastic and uniquely designed for adults; themed sweet tables with give-away toys for the teen guests (arranged at different heights for added visual flavor)

Got to have glam and unique giveaways, like green screen pictures for the kids, personalized covers for IPhones,iPods etc.

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